WHD.china – November 21, 2014 – Beijing, China

WHD.china – November 21, 2014 – Beijing, China

The Chinese ITC market is as promising and thriving as uniquely different in its development. While the country has been an outsourcing economy and rather slow adopter of cloud service in the beginning, this has changed gradually especially due to heavy government support. And inevitable, with over 600 million internet users, more than 500 million mobile phones and an estimated online shopping volume of around 300 billion US-Dollars, the cloud and hosting market of China is increasingly growing to create scalable, flexible and cost-saving offerings for enterprises and SMBs. And while the public cloud computing market reaches 1 billion US-Dollars in 2014, experts even believe this year means a big breakthrough in cloud adoption for China.

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China’s growing cloud computing industry and demand for innovative technology has also attracted attention from multinational companies. Especially the issue of data security is a big topic for the local and international partnerships. WHD.china understands how to successfully connect partners and bring the global industry to the local Chinese grounds. The event in November will be the second WHD conference held in Beijing and the only state-independent hosting and cloud event in China.

With over 500 attendees in 2013 from all over Asia, we expect another increasing number of visitors to join us for WHD.china in 2014. Take the chance to meet the biggest Chinese industry leaders and global IT players face to face and establish your business contacts to China.