WHD.australia – August 21, 2014 – Sydney, Australia

WHD.australia – August 21, 2014 – Sydney, Australia

In 2013 WHD.australia gathered over 250 visitors from the continent to engage in discussions with local and global partners of WHD.australia. For this year’s event to be held at the Luna Park amusement park at Harbour Bridge even more industry colleagues coming are expected to jointly change the face of the hosting industry. The city of Sydney was chosen as the WHD.australia location because of its high number of headquartered IT businesses and its excellent international travel connections.

Cloud services continue to reshape the IT market for SMBs in Australia, with an immense array of services and applications now available to help SMBs grow, collaborate, and compete in a global marketplace. Australia will continue to experience strong growth across all cloud services, as cloud services become mainstream among Australian SMBs. Parallels foresees that Australian SMBs will expand beyond traditional hosted services to consume an ever larger number of cloud applications over the next several years, particularly in the online business application category.

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Some analysts even say Australia is leading the cloud adoption for the whole Asia Pacific region, with over 50% of business already using some kind of cloud service and many more striving to do so in the near future. However, a handful of global enterprises and smaller local player currently dominate the Australian ITC market that values around $60 billion. This means right now is the perfect time to expand your business into a stable yet far from being saturated market.